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Leah Houghton

wow wow wow

What an amazing product I’ve tried everything to loose weight and finally something that works 8lbs off in 2 week highly reccomended tastes amazing too


Love Love Love!

I saw this advertised on Instagram and can honestly say it has changed my life already! Very impressed, it is great for bloating and fighting those cravings!...

Sarah Dursley

Amazing product

Amazing product ... really professional and helpful company .. it's hard to find excellent and caring customer service these days.. I would thoroughly recommend ????


Tastes just like coffee!

I was always sceptical about the tastes on things like this but was pleasantly surprised that it tastes just like coffee, not too strong either. Worth a try and the Fitness plan I received on email will come in handy too. Thanks


Im back again!!

I tried Skinnea Coffee and i thought it was great! I took it to work and everyone loved it, so now i'm back to make sure it doesn't run out as quick this time. :)

Lucy Taylor

Love It!!!

This is a great drink to have first thing in the morning. Before finding Skinnyfit Coffee i used to have a cup of Green Tea first thing as a health benefit. This has replaced that as it has all he benefits of my Green Tea plus more and with a really good taste too! It also gives me that kick that is often needed on a morning!!


Great Product

I received my first 28 day Skinnea Coffee the next day, it was very nicely packaged.


Amazing results

I'm always sceptical about weight loss products, I have tried so many and the majority don't work or only have a slight impact on weight loss. I never write reviews but felt I needed to in this instance. I haven't changed anything about my diet apart from having this 1 cup of coffee in a morning. It's clearly boosting my metabolism. I will be purchasing again. And it tastes unreal